How to Make a Stocking Cap Wig With a Side Part

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Using a stocking cap to create a wig has many benefits. A stocking cap wig is your own personalized wig that fits your head shape. These wigs prevent you from trying to find a wig that fits your head perfectly in a beauty supply store, which can take hours. Creating your own stocking cap wig also gives you a new hairstyle without damaging your hair, and it can help save you money from purchasing costly wigs.

Put your hair in a low ponytail. Make sure your hair is as flat as possible when you make the ponytail. Then place a plastic shower cap over your head. The shower cap will not be a part of the wig. This will just make sure glue will not get on your hair when you glue the fake hair onto the stocking cap.

Put two tan stocking caps over the plastic cap, making sure the stocking caps are secure on your head. Tan stocking caps are beneficial in making sure you have a realistic looking scalp after you finish creating your side part.

Gather the fake hair and squeeze the hair glue on the weft strip of the track, which is the piece that looks like it is stitched on the ends of the hair. Put a plastic bag or newspaper under the extension hair when you place the glue on the weft to prevent getting glue on your clothes.

Use a mirror and start gluing the extension hair horizontally across from ear to ear to the back of the cap. After you glue the row of hair, blow dry across the weft until dry. Repeat this step of adding hair to each row, working your way up to the middle of your head and then stop.

Begin gluing hair to the front right and left edge of your stocking cap. Place one track of hair vertically on the left edge of the cap, across the middle and vertical down the right edge of the wig. Repeat this process for adding each row of hair working your way inside.

Create the side part. When you reach where you want your side part to be, stop adding hair to that side and continue adding hair to the other side until you have a part that is about three inches wide.

Cover the showing weft along both sides of the part by gluing hair to each side of the part horizontally, starting from the tfront edge of the cap going backwards.

Close your wig by rolling a piece of hair, and gluing the weft of the rolled piece in the middle of the wig. Blow dry the piece, and take the wig off. Remove the shower cap and let the wig dry for three hours.