How to Braid in Fake Hair

Braiding is a longtime cultural ritual popular among Africans and African Americans, and has been around for centuries. What was once a cultural statement is now a popular hairstyle worn by all ethnicities. More popular are the individual braids with fake hair braided in. This look can become pricey when done in a salon, but you can braid in fake hair at home, look great and save money.

Part out a section of hair horizontally with a rat-tail comb, about 1 inch from the nape. Clip the remaining hair up.

Part a smaller subsection vertically at the edge of the hair. Make this subsection about ½ inch to 1 inch, depending on how large or small you would like your braids. Clip the remaining hair out of the way.

Grab about 1 inch worth of synthetic hair extensions and hold it, with both hands, between your thumbs and first two fingers. Place the fake hair on top of your natural hair so it creates the three parts to your braid. The extension hair should make up two sides with your natural hair as the center strand.

Place the thumb of your left hand underneath your natural hair, still holding the fake hair with your index and middle finger. Twist your wrist to the left, this should move the hair so that your natural hair is now on the left and the extension is in the middle.

Using your middle finger of your left hand grip hold of the hair remaining in your right hand. All three pieces of hair should now be in your left hand. At this point your extension is now in and the braid has been partially formed.

Grab the loose strands of hair with your right hand and continue crossing the strands over one another to complete your braid. Braid the hair all the way down to your desired braid length.

Repeat Steps 2 to 6 until you have completed the section, then repeat Steps 1 to 5, moving up your head, until your entire head is braided with fake hair.

Dip your braids into hot water to seal the braids and keep them from unraveling.