How to Blend Extensions That Don't Match

beautiful woman with long hair image by Paul Hill from

Women use extensions to add volume, length or highlights to their hair. Consider using your extensions as highlights if they do not match your natural hair color. This can save you from spending money on getting highlights done at the salon. In addition, it will save you from exposing your hair to harsh chemicals. Not only are extensions a safe alternative, but they are easy to blend in with your hair.

Separate your hair. Take the top half of your hair and secure it with a clip.

Slide the extensions into the root of your hair. If you do not have the root of your hair exposed, separate your hair again until you do.

Snap the extensions into place. Insert side hair extensions on both sides of your head, if you have any. Snap them into place.

Unclip your natural hair. Let it fall naturally over your extensions. Make sure they are invisible and secure in your hair.