How to Blow-Dry Hair Straight With a Round Brush

Woman blow drying her hair

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Heading to the salon for a pricey blowout isn’t in everyone’s budget. If you have curly or wavy locks but want your hair super-straight, you can blow-dry your hair at home with a round brush. But don’t pick up a blow-dryer and brush and start drying your locks until you know the proper way to create salon-inspired straight hair.

Wash your hair as usual and then towel-dry it so it's about 80 percent dry. Apply a heat protectant spray to the hair. For added volume, use a root-boosting spray and also a straightening cream or spray. Gently comb out all hair tangles.

Divide your hair into three sections, one in the back and one on each side of your head. Secure each section to the top of your head with hair clips.

Release one section of the hair you have secured with clips. Each section will be blow-dried in smaller, one- to two-inch sections. Place the head of the brush on the underside of a one- to two-inch section of hair. Use your free hand to push the hair down into the brush.

Turn on your blow-dryer and direct the heat onto the hair that is on the brush. Pull the brush through your hair while simultaneously moving the blow-dryer in the same direction. As you are moving the brush, pull the hair straight up over your head rather than pulling it down while slightly turning the brush as it's moving. This will give more volume and body to the hair. Continue this process on the same section of hair until it is completely dry. Do not leave the section even slightly damp, as this can lead to frizzy hair.

Let the section of hair you just dried cool for a few seconds while still wrapped around the brush. This will help to maintain the straightened hair's smooth look.

Repeat the process on the remaining sections of hair.