How to Protect Hair from Swimming Pool Chlorine

by Darla Ferrara

Chlorine is applied to water in swimming pools to reduce bacteria buildup and to protect swimmers. Chlorine helps prevent illness but can wreak havoc on your hair. Hair can become dry and brittle after just one swim, particularly if it is already colored or damaged. Blonde hair can also turn green when exposed. It is much easier to prevent chlorine damage than it is to treat it after the fact. Protecting your hair takes just a few minutes.

Tie your hair up on top of your head. If you have long hair, tie it in to a pony tail and wrap the ponytail around the elastic to create a tight bun. Secure the hair to your head with pins.

Smooth a dime sized amount of gel over any loose hair and flyaways to keep them in place.

Place a swim cap over all of your hair. Tuck all pieces under to keep them in place.

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