How to Tie Micro Braids at the End

Micro braids are miniature braids that result from braiding natural hair with hair from extensions. Thin or damaged hair is not recommended for this hairstyle, according to Waiting two weeks after receiving a relaxer treatment and moisturizing the hair before receiving micro braids are also recommended. The end of a micro braid needs a knot to prevent the micro braid from unraveling.

Hold the braid at the end between your pointer finger and your thumb.

Separate a long, thin strand of the hair at the base of the braid from the rest of the loose hair. Wrap the hair around one of your fingers to form a loop underneath the braid.

Wrap the loose hair around the front and place the ends of the loose hair through the loop to form a knot underneath the braid. Tug on the hair gently to secure the knot.