How to Tweeze Hair on Your Head

Maggie Hira

People often tweeze the hairs on their head to get rid of pesky gray and white strands or to alter their natural hairline. Many people have fine baby hairs growing along the top of their forehead that some classify as unwanted and unattractive. Tweezing the hairs along the hairline can also result in a higher forehead, which is considered a sign of beauty in many cultures.

Use a small comb to separate the strand you want to tweeze from the rest of your hair.

Grip the strand of hair with your fingers to keep from losing it.

Place the ends of the tweezers as close to the root of the hair as possible. Make sure the tweezers are clamped down firmly on the hair strand, otherwise the hair will simply break in the middle without being pulled from the root.

With the tweezers firmly in place, pull the hair out quickly in one swift motion. Move on to the next strand and continue until all of the hair is removed.