Shaving Armpits the Correct Way

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Whether you're waltzing across the dance floor in a sleeveless evening gown, jumping around in a vigorous game of beach volleyball or simply wearing a tank top on a hot summer's day, you probably want to avoid flashing hairy, stubbly or razor-burned armpits. It can be difficult to achieve a smooth shave under your arms -- the hair tends to grow in different directions and you need to accommodate the natural curves of your anatomy. Wield your razor skillfully at the right moment in your bathing routine and you'll soon have smooth, hairless underarms.

Step 1

Shave your armpits at the end of your shower or bath as this allows the hair to soften and the pores of the skin to open, making hair removal easier.

Step 2

Clean your armpits with a soapy washcloth, or clean and exfoliate with a pouf to remove dead skin cells, deodorant and sweat.

Step 3

Lift your arm straight up over your head and spread a thick coating of shaving cream or gel over the area of your armpit that you want to shave. Keep your arm lifted so that the armpit skin is taut.

Step 4

Stroke your razor down through the center of the shaving cream. Rinse your razor to remove the loose hair. Repeat, moving the razor from top to bottom over the entire armpit area until all the shaving cream is gone. Then reapply shaving cream and stroke the razor from side to side to get the closest shave. Repeat this process on your other armpit.

Step 5

Rinse both armpits to remove any shaving-cream residue and pat dry with a clean towel.