Proper Way to Use a Foil Shaver

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The daily struggle with stubble leaves many men with nicks and stray hairs. Foil shavers save time by providing both an extremely close shave and protecting your baby-soft face in the process. Using a foil shaver takes more than just rubbing it over your skin haphazardly. Properly prepping the skin and mastering the technique leaves your skin injury-free and smooth as silk. These shavers work best for men with fine, straight hair who like to shave daily.

Step 1

Apply a dime-sized amount of an alcohol-based pre-shave lotion to your hands, then smooth it over your face. The lotion helps reduce skin oil, which can interfere with shaving. Look for a lotion that contains vitamin E, which also helps to soothe any irritation.

Step 2

Stand in front of a mirror with plenty of natural or artificial light. Rub your fingers over your neck and face hair to determine the direction of growth.

Step 3

Place one hand on your neck, and pull it to the side using one or more fingers until it is tight and smooth. This eliminates skin creases and allows the shaver to flow more evenly over the skin.

Step 4

Turn on the foil shaver, then place it onto your neck at a right angle so that it has maximum contact with your skin. Move the shaver in short strokes following the direction of hair growth. Cover each area of skin twice before moving on to the next area. Start with the most sensitive area of your neck, since the shaver heats up the longer it is on, which will be more irritating to those areas.

Step 5

Move the shaver up to your face, and again make sure that it is at a perfect right angle. Pull the skin tight, and shave your face using short motions. Start at the jawline, and then shave the area of your face near the ears, mouth and nose last.

Step 6

Apply a dime-sized amount of moisturizing aftershave over all shaved areas to soothe the dry skin and any irritation from shaving.