How to Fix an Irritated Upper Lip After Hair Removal

by Celeigh O'Neil
Regain an even complexion and relieve the pain of hair removal by acting quickly.

Regain an even complexion and relieve the pain of hair removal by acting quickly.

Facial skin is sensitive, particularly when it comes to hair removal. With the myriad of creams, gels, razors and depilatory products on the market it is important to always do a spot check before using a product to ensure that no damage is done. Sometimes a product can be applied in excess or left on for an extra minute, which can lead to irritation. If your upper lip is irritated after hair removal, act quickly to soothe it and speed along the healing process.

Hold a cool cloth over your upper lip to counteract any burning or itching.

Gently remove all remaining hair removal product from the area, using a damp cloth, to prevent further irritation.

Apply a natural, additive-free moisturizer to your skin. Aloe vera and extra virgin coconut oil work well, as they have soothing properties. A dime-sized amount patted into the skin is sufficient.

Avoid any harsh cleansers and exfoliants for a minimum of 24 hours, as the skin will be extra-sensitive and more prone to damage as it heals.

Items you will need

  • Cloth
  • Natural moisturizer

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