The Best Facial Moisturizer That Won't Clog Pores

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For most people, regular moisturizers provide hydration that keeps the skin smooth and supple. However, moisturizers often clog the pores and create pimples and blackheads, especially for people with oily skin. Although it may seem counterproductive to use a moisturizer on clog-prone or oily skin, a good moisturizer keeps the skin soft, healthy and radiant.

Clog-Free Moisturizers

Avoid thick creams and heavy, greasy moisturizers if your pores are clogged or your skin tends to be oily. Similarly, avoid products containing dyes or fragrances, which may irritate your skin. Read the label, and avoid products containing petrolatum or lanolin. Look for light, water-based moisturizers labeled oil-free or noncomedogenic, which means the product won't clog pores. If you have combination skin with oily patches on the forehead, nose and cheeks, concentrate moisturizer on those areas.