How to Pluck Your Upper Lip With Tweezers

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Hair removal becomes expensive when frequently done in a salon environment. Professional services are not always convenient when stray strands appear and require immediate removal. Methods such as waxing and threading require excess materials and time. Tweezing allows for quick and targeted hair removal. Pluck your upper lip and see smooth results with the right care and technique.

Step 1

Cleanse the upper lip. Soak a wash cloth in warm water and wet the skin above the lip. Apply a mild cleanser in a circular motion to remove all surface dirt and makeup. Rinse thoroughly.

Step 2

Exfoliate the skin. Massage a gentle exfoliator into the skin using your fingers. Wet your hands with warm water and rinse to remove all dead skin and bring hair follicles to the surface for more effective hair removal.

Step 3

Gently dry the skin with a towel.

Step 4

Sit in front of a magnifying mirror in order to spot smaller strands of hair.

Step 5

Pull the upper lip skin taut towards one side of the face.

Step 6

Use tweezers to grasp the hair firmly at the root and remove it in the opposite direction of growth. Repeat until all hair has been removed.

Step 7

Apply a soothing moisturizer in order to calm skin and alleviate redness. Aloe vera is effective at cooling skin if a moisturizer is not available.