How to Get a Closer Electric Shave

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To achieve a close shave, many believe that they have to hassle with a disposable razor and shaving cream, instead of enjoying the convenience of an electric razor. The price of an electric shaver is also sometimes an issue, with some models costing more than $100. Actually, cost-effective models can give you the close shave you're after, whether for your face or your legs. Prep your skin and care for your electric shaver correctly to achieve a close, smooth shave every day.

Step 1

Wash the area you plan to shave with a mild skin cleanser, because you will achieve a closer shave if your face is free of dirt and oils. Rinse off the cleanser and pat your skin dry with a towel.

Step 2

Apply a pre-shave lotion or gel formulated for use with electric shavers to your dry skin. Allow the product to set for two to three minutes, because you get a closer shave when your skin is more dry than moist.

Step 3

Wipe off the blades with the small brush provided with the razor, or use a paper towel to carefully clean the blades.

Step 4

Hold your skin taut and slowly move the electric razor at a right angle over the area. Shave against, not with, the direction of hair growth. Shaving against the your hair's grain helps straighten the stubble and lift it away from your face, allowing you to get a closer shave. If you're using a rotary shaver, move the blade in a circular motion over your face. For a foil shaver, use back-and-forth motions.

Step 5

Continue to shave until you're satisfied with the results. Rinse off your face, pat it dry and apply a post-shave cream, gel or lotion.

Step 6

Extend the life of your electric shaver by cleaning the blades after each use. Lubricate the shaver according to package directions and store your shaver in a cool, dry place.