How Do I Sharpen the Blades of a Norelco Arcitec Razor?

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Philips Norelco is the manufacturer of the Arcitec electric rotary razor. It is a unique razor in that it features three independently pivoting heads, designed to hug the contours of the face to give a closer, more custom shave. The Arcitec series of electric razors feature self-sharpening rotary blades, which do not require manual sharpening. But like any electric razor, blades will wear over time, and Philips Norelco recommends replacing exhausted blades.

Check the replacement indicator. The Arcitec electric razor features a Replacement Razor Head Assembly Indicator near the bottom of the base of the razor, which will alert the user to inspect the razor heads to determine if replacement is required. Philips Norelco recommends replacing the razor head assembly every year, but more frequent replacement may be necessary depending on the shaving habits of the user.

Remove the razor assembly head. Though the rotary blades work independently, the head assembly works as a single unit and the entire part is replaced. Grip the base of the razor with one hand and, with the other, grab the entire razor assembly head at the stem. Pull the assembly head straight out from the shaver base.

Insert the new unit. Align the tab on the replacement head assembly with the notch on the top of the razor base. Firmly push the replacement razor head assembly into the base until it clicks.

Clear hair from heads after shaving. Arcitec blades should be maintained by clearing the hair from the razor heads after each shave. Grip the individual head toward the center, and gently pull back in an outward motion. Use a soft brush to clear the hair.

Wash the heads. Some models of the Philips Norelco Aricitec feature the Jet Clean System, which cleans, dries and charges the razor. If your model does not come with the Jet Clean System, the razor heads can be washed by submerging the head assembly in warm soapy water and turning the razor on. Turn the razor off, remove from the water, lift heads open and allow to dry.