How to Identify the Model Type for Replacement Blades on a Norelco Arcitec

by Amy Romero ; Updated September 28, 2017

Replacement blades for shavers should match the shaving unit exactly.

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Men's shavers come in many different models. When replacing the shaving head on a Norelco shaver, it is important to identify the correct model type so it works with your shaving unit. Philips has a website that makes identifying the correct shaving head for the Norelco Arcitec easy. The replacement blades can also then be purchased through references on the Philips website.

Log on to the Philips website (see Resources).

Click on the "Consumer Products" link.

Click on "Accessories."

Click on "Shaving accessories."

Select "arcitec" from the choices at the top.

Make a note of the model number that is identified near the top of the page.

Select "Buy" if you wish to be redirected to online retailers that sell the replacement head or if you want a list of the stores that sell it. If you don't want to buy online, take the model number from Step 6 and go to one of the stores listed.

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