How to Change the Battery in a Luminox Watch

by Megan Mattingly-Arthur ; Updated September 28, 2017

When the battery in your Luminox watch dies, you can either send the watch in to the manufacturer for repair or attempt to change the battery yourself. Fortunately, changing the battery in a Luminox watch is simple and takes just minutes to complete.

Spread the optical cloth out on a flat, level surface like a table. Lay your Luminox watch face-down on the optical cloth.

Use your optical-sized screwdrivers to remove the screws in the back battery cover. Lay the loose screws on the magnet and set aside.

Remove the old battery from your Luminox watch and set aside. Insert a new watch battery in your Luminox watch. Luminox watches use Lithium 20xx series watch batteries that are available from your local jeweler or retail store.

Replace the battery cover on your Luminox watch. Use the optical-sized screwdrivers to replace the screws on the watch's battery cover.


  • The exact replacement battery you will need will vary based on which Luminox watch model you own. For best results, complete Steps 1 and 2 and make a note of which battery is required before proceeding.

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