How to Remove a Stuhrling Watch Band

Founded in 1999 by fourth-generation watchmaker Max Stuhrling IV, Stuhrling Originals manufactures exceptional luxury wrist watches by combining classic Swiss watchmaking traditions with the latest technological advancements in time-keeping. Stuhrling Originals offers a variety of attractive leather, metal and rubber watch bands for their luxury watches. If you want to swap out your current stuhrling watch band for a new one, you'll have to release the spring bar mechanism that holds the watch band in place.

Perform your watch band removal on a clean, flat surface that is near a source of bright natural or artificial light. Cushion your work surface with a neoprene mouse pad or soft optical cloth to prevent the face of your Stuhrling watch from being marred by accidental scuffs or scratches.

Position your Stuhrling watch face-down on the neoprene mouse pad or soft optical cloth.

Insert a small metal spring bar tool between the watch band and the case lug.

Use the metal spring bar tool to push the watch band away from the case lug while exerting gentle downward pressure. This will release the spring bar and free the watch band.

Repeat Steps 3 and 4 to remove the other half of your Stuhrling watch band.