Marc Ecko Watch Instructions

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Having a brand new designer watch is noticeably less exciting if you can't figure out how to use it. Thankfully, the setup process for Marc Ecko wrist watches is quick, simple and painless. A well-known designer brand, Marc Ecko Enterprises has been producing fashionable clothing, accessories and wrist watches since the company was founded in 1993.

Set the time on your Marc Ecko wrist watch by pulling the crown out to the third position. Rotate the crown in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction until the hands reflect the desired time. Push the crown back in to its original position.

Correct the date on your watch by pulling the crown out to the second position. Twist the watch crown clockwise until the correct date appears on the display. Push the crown into the original position.

Use the chronograph on your watch to monitor athletic performances. Press the top button on the right side of your watch to start and stop chronograph timing. Press the watch's bottom right button to reset the chronograph.