How to Set the Time on a Timex Expedition

by Ken White ; Updated September 28, 2017

Timex Expedition sport watches are designed for outdoor use and have features specific to hiking, diving and fishing. The WS4 line has a wide-screen display and includes an altimeter, barometer, thermometer and compass. The Expedition E-Instruments are analog watches with a compass, thermometer and the ability to track tides. The Expedition Classic Analog line includes analog watches and combination watches with an analog and digital display. The Expedition Dive Style watches are analog watches that are water resistant to 200 meters. The Expedition Essential Digital line is water resistant to 100 meters.

Press the "Mode" button on the Expedition WS4 watch until it displays the time. Press the "Set" button. Press the "Start/Split" button to increase the time or the "Stop/Reset" button to decrease the time. Press the "Set" button again to set the time.

Pull out the crown of the Expedition-E Instruments or Expedition Dive watch. Turn the crown until the correct time is set. Push the crown in.

Pull out the crown of the Classic Analog watch and turn it until the time is correct. Push the crown in to set the time. If the watch is an analog/digital combination, press button "A" on the lower left quadrant of the watch, then press button "D" on the lower right quadrant and hold it until the seconds flash. Press the "C" button on the upper right quadrant to reset the seconds to zero. Press the "A" button to select hours and advance the hours by pressing the "C" button. Follow the same procedure to adjust minutes. Press the "D" button when the time is set.

Press and hold the "Set" button on the Expedition Essential Digital watch until the time zone is displayed. Press the "Next" button. Press the "Start/Split" button to increase the hours or the "Stop/Reset" button to decrease the hours. Press "Next." Increase or discrease the minutes as you did the hours. Press "Next." Press the "Start/Split" button to set the seconds to zero. When the time is correct, press the "Set" button.

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