How to Set My Casio Illuminator

The Illuminator is a style of sports watch made by Casio. As the name implies, the Illuminator lights up so you can tell time even in the dark. The watch indicates not only time of day, but also the current date if you set it properly. The Illuminator includes alarm and stopwatch functions as well. Once it's set, you should not have to adjust the time again unless you change the battery or travel to another time zone.

Press the top left button and hold it. Release the button when the seconds indicator begins to flash. The watch is now in setup mode.

Press the button on the bottom right side of the watch once to reset the count on "seconds" to "0."

Press the bottom left button to select the hours, minute, day, month and year. For each selection, press the bottom right button to set the correct number, then press the bottom left button to move to the next field.

Press the top left button to exit the setup mode once the correct time is set.