How to Set a Citizen Aqualand Duplex

The Citizen Aqualand Duplex is a water-resistant quartz wrist watch for divers that displays time with an analog display showing hours, minutes and seconds, temperature, a calendar with date and day of the week, and a chronograph for stopwatch measurements. Its digital display shows details about diving activity, including dive number, depth, elapsed time, start and finish time, average depth and lowest temperature. The watch also displays a low power warning to give you notice to change the battery. You can easily set the Citizen Aqualand Duplex watch. Always set the digital display first, then set the analog display.


Press the button on the top left of the watch and hold it for at least two seconds until the seconds flash. Press the button on the top right to reset the seconds to “00.”

Press the button on the top left to save the seconds setting and switch to minutes.

Press the button on the top right repeatedly to advance the minutes, then press the button on the top left to save the minutes setting and switch to hours. Repeat the setting procedure for hours, month, year and to switch from 12-hour to 24-hour time format.


Unscrew the crown, a knob at the bottom right of the watch. This stops the second hand at the “0” position.

Turn the crown to position the hour and minute hands one minute ahead of the digital time.

Press the crown back into place when the digital seconds display reaches “0.”