How to Set the Time on a Casio AW-80

The Casio AW-80 sports watch provides both digital and analog timekeeping. This feature allows for quick determination of time in varied environments. Several features, including timekeeping, alarm settings and timers are available to the owner through simple-to-navigate menu commands. The wearer controls these menus through a series of four buttons located on the edge of the clock face. The four buttons are labeled "A" and "B," left and right top; "C" and "D" left and right bottom.

Digital Time

Enter timekeeping mode by pressing the lower left button ("C") until the digital face reads hours and minutes, with the seconds directly above.

Press the upper left button ("A") until the seconds marker begins to flash. This indicates that the setting mode has been engaged.

Select the time marker to change. Press the lower left button ("C") to switch between hours, minutes and seconds.

Use the upper and lower right buttons ("B" and "D") and to change the settings of the selected time markers. The upper right button decreases the value while the lower right button increases it.

Toggle through with the "C" button and set each desired time marker.

Analog Time

Press the lower left button ("C") to enter the timekeeping mode.

Press the lower left button ("C") six times to enter analog timekeeping mode.

Hold the upper left button ("A") until the digital time starts to flash.

Press the lower right button ("D") down to advance the analog time 20 seconds. This process is set into high speed by holding the button down continuously.

Release the button when the proper time is reached.

Press the upper left button ("A") to exit the time setting screen.