Nike LED Watch Setting Instructions

by James Andrews ; Updated September 28, 2017

Nike LED watches are ideal for people with active lifestyles.

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Developed by U.S. sportswear giant Nike, the Triax Vapor 300 Watch features a large, curved LED screen. Designed for runners and people with active lifestyles, the watch face is titled at a 27 degree angle and the crystal mineral glass is scratch-resistant. The watch can record lap times and also has a stopwatch, alarm and calendar. Setting these features is a simple process.

Setting the Time and Date

Check that your watch is in time mode and press and hold the button on the center-left side of the watch face for three seconds.

Press the button above the watch face to increase the value displayed, and the button on the right of the watch face to decrease the number.

Set the time using one or both buttons then press the button on the lower left corner of the watch face to advance to the day, month and year screens.

Select the 12 or 24 hour clock and press the button on the lower left corner to move to the day or month display. Press again to access the Power Save menu and press once more to enter the screen contrast adjustment page.

Exit the time and date setting function by pressing the button on the center-left side of the watch face.

Setting the Alarm

Scroll to time mode and press the view button to the lower right of the watch face once to select alarm one, or twice to choose alarm two.

Press and hold the button on the center-left side of the watch face for three seconds to access the alarm adjustment mode.

Set the alarm using the two buttons located above and to the right of the display. The button located in the lower left corner advances the adjustment option from hour to minute.

Complete the alarm setting process by touching the button to the center-left of the watch face. Adjusted alarms are automatically set to function.

Turn the alarm feature off before the alarm is activated by pressing the button you used to increase the value displayed.

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