Instructions for a Casio AW590 Watch

Knowing how to operate your watch is a good idea to save you time and enable you to use the watch to its full potential. The Casio AW590 is a watch from the "G-Shock" range, incorporating both analog and digital features, providing style and practicality. The watch is operated by four buttons located on the side of the device. You need to learn the function of each button to be able to use the watch correctly.

Press "C" to change from mode to mode. Modes include "Timekeeping," "World Time," "Countdown Timer," "Stopwatch," "Alarm" and "Hand setting."

Press "C" until you are in "Timekeeping mode." Press "D" to change between the "Day of the Week," "Month-Day" and "Hour-Minutes" display formats.

Hold down "A" in "Timekeeping mode" until the "Seconds" reading starts to flash. Press "C" to navigate through the various digital time setting options. Use the "B" and "D" buttons to adjust the settings. Press "A" to save the settings and set the digital time.

Press "C" five times in "Timekeeping mode" to enter "Hand setting mode." Hold down "A" until the current digital time starts to flash. Press "D" to advance the analog hand setting. Hold it to do this at high speed. Press "B" to lock the high-speed hand movement. Press "A" to exit the settings screen.

Press the "C" button three times in "Timekeeping mode" to enter "Stopwatch mode." Press "D" to start the stopwatch. Press "D" again to stop the watch. Press "A" when the watch is running to split the time into laps. Press "A" when the watch is stopped to clear the times.

Press "B" to turn on the illumination backlight.