How to Set for 24-Hour Time on a Timex Watch

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Timex analog 24-hour watches feature a special miniature clock face or "dial" that shows the time in the 24-hour format, also referred to as military or astronomical time in the United States and Canada. This feature is useful since conventional analog watches do not differentiate between AM and PM, which can be a problem if you ever need to determine the time in 24-hour format from your watch. The 24-hour dial automatically moves when the time is set — meaning that the time on your watch is incorrect if the 24-hour dial is showing the wrong time. Setting the 24-hour time on your Timex analog or digital watch takes only a few seconds.

Set 24-Hour Time on an Analog Watch

Locate the "Crown" dial on the right side of the watch, near the number "3." Turn the dial counterclockwise until it feels loose.

Slide a fingernail beneath the crown dial and pull it out as far as it will go. The watch will stop telling the time.

Turn the crown dial clockwise until the hour and minute hands show the correct time. Pay attention to the small 24-hour clock face at the top of the watch near the number "12" — its hands move with the hour and minute hands as you turn the crown. Make sure that the hour, minute and 24-hour dial are all showing the correct time.

Push the crown dial back down as far as possible. Turn the crown dial clockwise to wind your watch mechanism. The watch's hands will start moving again.

Set 24-Hour Time on a Digital Watch

Tap the "Mode/Next" button in the bottom left corner of the watch until the time appears.

Hold the "Set/Done" button in the top left corner of the watch.

Push "+" on the top right or "-" on the bottom right corner of the watch to switch between the time format you want to adjust.

Push "Mode/Next" in the bottom left. The hour digits will flash.

Push "Mode/Next" until "12 Hour" appears. Push "+" — the display will change to "24 Hour."

Press "Set/Done" in the top left corner. The watch will exit the setup mode and the time will appear in 24-hour format.