How to Set Timex Watches

Timex is one of the most well known watch brands. These tough watches are notorious for being able to "Take a licking and keep on ticking." If you have a Timex watch, the first thing that you need to do is to set the time on it. Other instances when you might need to change the time on your Timex watch are when Daylight Saving time ends and begins and when you are traveling between time zones. Here are the steps needed to set the time on your Timex.

To set the time on an analog (dial) watch.

Locate the knob on the side.

Pull the knob out. The second hand should stop ticking.

Twist the knob clockwise until the correct time is displayed on the watch face.

Push the knob back in and the the second hand will resume ticking.

To set the time on a digital Timex watch.

Press and hold the "Set" button for two seconds. The "Set" button is on the lower right side.

Press the "Date Advance" button on the upper right side. This will reset the seconds.

Press the "Change Mode" button on the lower left to set the hour. The hour will flash. Press the "Date advance" button until the correct hour is displayed.

Press the "Change Mode" button again to set the correct tens unit (first digit 1 or 0) for the minutes. Press the "Date Advance" button until the correct first digit of the minutes is displayed. Repeat this step to set the second digit of the minutes.

Repeat steps one through four of this section to set the year, month, date, day, and whether to use 12 or 24 hour time for your watch.

When finished, press the "Set" button (on the lower right) to return to the current time view and lock in your settings.