How to Reset a Timex Watch's Perpetual Calender

Timex features a collection of 27 watches with perpetual calendars accurately displaying the full date. This perpetual calendar keeps track of the number of days in each month and adjusts for leap years. These calendars are preset at the factory to Eastern Standard Time, Greenwich Mean Time, or Hong Kong Standard Time.

Date Reset

Pull the crown slightly outward and stop in the middle position. Do not pull it all the way out. Once you've stopped in the middle position, turn it quickly either way. The date display will change temporarily without affecting the proper date setting.

Pull the crown out all the way and set the time. Once time is set, the date will automatically be displayed accurately.

Push the crown back to its original position when done. The perpetual calendar will be reset and the date should now be accurate. According to the Timex manual, this often happens accidentally when the crown is pulled out to the middle position, but for these purposes it can also be used to reset the date on the calendar.

Time and Date Reset

Pull the crown all the way out and turn to the desired position until you set the time correctly. When the time is adjusted past midnight, the day and date will change automatically.

Check the time and date to make sure they are both correct. If you set it at midnight rather than noon, set the time 12 hours ahead or back to match the actual date. You can determine this by observing whether the date changes at 12 o'clock. If it does not change, it is set at noon; if it does change, it is set at midnight.

Push the crown back to its original position when done. The time on the watch and the date on the perpetual calendar should both be accurate now.