Instructions for the Alarm Chrono

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The Chrono Classic XLS Alarm watch features multiple times that can be set independently. Because of all the watch's features, setting the time, date and alarm functions can be overwhelming at first glance. But the process of manipulating the Chrono Classic XLS Alarm watch's various date, time and alarm functions is essentially accomplished using only the watch's crown turning knob and two pusher buttons.

Setting the Date and Time

Gently pull the crown turning knob (the middle knob on the right) outward, away from the watch face until it locks into position No. 2.

Twist the crown turning knob so the watch shows the date from yesterday.

Pull the crown turning knob outward again, this time so it locks into position No. 3. The display will now change from "alarm time" mode and into "reference time" mode.

Twist the crown turning knob around so that today's date is displayed. Begin at midnight, and then continue twisting the crown knob around to set the current time.

Push inward on the crown turning knob so it returns back to position No. 1. The display will now change from "reference time" to "alarm time."

Setting the Alarm

Press down pusher B (the bottom button on the right) and hold it for two seconds to enter the alarm-setting mode.

Press down pusher B again and hold for less than one second to advance the "alarm time" forward one minute. Or press down pusher B and hold for more than two seconds to rapidly advance the "alarm time."

Press down on pusher B to toggle the alarm on and off.