How to Change the Date on a Junghans Mega Clock

The Junghans manufacturing company has made it possible for you to carry the most accurate clock in the United States on your wrist every day. The Mega Clock watch receives direct transmissions from the atomic cesium clock in Boulder, Colorado, which is the most accurate clock in the country. The watch displays the time, as well as the date and your time zone. Setting the date on the watch occurs the same way you adjust the watch to the proper time.

Remove the watch from your wrist and lay it on a flat surface away from televisions, radios and other appliances. Some appliances may interfere with the transmission.

Press the T2 button, which is the second button from the top on the left side of the watch. Hold the button down for longer than three seconds but fewer than 10 seconds. You should see the display change, and the indicator on the left side of the display should flash to indicate that the watch is receiving a transmission.

Keep the watch still on the flat surface until the indicator stops flashing. Pick up the watch and confirm that the date on the display is accurate. If there is something wrong, start the transmission process again, making sure to hold the button down appropriately.