How to Operate a Casio G-Shock

The Casio G-Shock watch is multi-functional, letting you see not only the time of day, but the month, date and year. The watch also features stopwatch and backlight functions. You control all features on the Casio G-Shock with the four buttons on the left and right sides of the watch. When you press these buttons, you can move the watch into different modes in order to access all of its features.

Set Time

Press the "C" button located on the left side of the Casio G-Shock watch until the watch enters "Timekeeping Mode."

Press the "A" button, which is also located on the left-side of the watch, to change the time. The seconds digits will flash. You can press "E" (located on the right-side of the Casio watch) to reset the seconds to "00."

Hold in "C" until you arrive at the segment of the time that you want to change. Each segment will be selected in the following sequence: seconds, hour, minutes, year, month and date.

Hold down "E" to increase the numbers in each segment of the time.

Press "A" to go back to Timekeeping Mode.


Press the "C" button until switch the Casio G-Shock watch to the "Stopwatch Mode."

Press in the "E" button to start the stopwatch.

Press "E" to stop the stopwatch.

Press "B" to clear the stopwatch and return it to all zeros.


Hold the "D" button to turn on the backlight. The backlight will stay on as long as you continue to hold the "D" button.

Press the "C" button until the watch enters "Timekeeping Mode."

Hold "E" for one to two seconds until the backlight turns on. Release the "E" button. When the backlight is on, a diamond-shaped symbol will appear over the seconds digits. The backlight stays on.

Hold in "E" for one to two seconds to turn off the backlight.