Indiglo 1440 Watch Instructions

The timex indiglo 1440 sports watch got its name for its Indiglo night light that allows the wearer to easily read the watch in darkness and for the 1,440 minutes in a day. All models are digital and have a lightweight resin case and resin strap. The Indiglo 1440 features a 24-hour chronograph, stopwatch feature, alarm, time settings for two time zones and a date feature. To operate the watch, note the four buttons on the case edge: Indiglo light at 10 o'clock, "Start/Stop" at 2 o'clock, "Set", or exit, at 4 o'clock and "Mode" at 8 o'clock.

Atomic Clock Synchronization

Stand outside and face the direction of Colorado. Face east, if you are in California -- or west, if you live in New York. Radio signals come from an automatic radio tower that signals the most accurate time in North America. Make sure the watch is displaying the time and day. Press and hold the “Mode” button and then push the “Start/Stop” button.

Continue pressing the Start/Stop button and city codes will begin to flash. Select your city, or the city closest to where you live.

Press the Mode button for daylight savings time. It will flash On/Off/Auto. Select "Auto." Press and hold the button until it reads “Receive.” It will activate the receiver with a “T” flashing. The watch will automatically set the correct time at 2 a.m. each day. Press "Set" to exit.

Setting the Time

Repeat the steps in the first section. You do not have to stand outside.

Press the Mode button until the hour flashes. Press the Start/Stop button until the right hour appears, including the AM/PM reading, and hold until the hour remains. Press the Mode button again, for the minutes and repeat the procedure. Repeat the procedure for the seconds. Repeat the procedure for the year, month, day and date.

Press the Mode button again, until the hourly chime appears. Press the button until the On/Off display appears. Hold the button on either "On" or "Off." The chime sounds at the top of the hour when “On” is selected.


Press the Mode button until “Chrono” appears. Press the Start/Stop button to start the stopwatch. Press the button again, to stop the stopwatch.

Resume the stopwatch by pressing the button again. Press the button again, and the stopwatch will stop. Clear the stopwatch by pressing the Set, or Exit, button.

Press set mode to return to the time display, while the stopwatch is still running and the stopwatch will continue, until you return to the “Chrono” setting to press “Stop.”