How to Calibrate the Altimeter on a Tissot Touch

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The Swiss-made Tissot T-Touch is a multifunctional watch that can be used during outdoor activities or for everyday uses. The T-Touch has a compass, altimeter, alarm, chronometer, clock and thermometer, and indicates meteorological tendencies. An altimeter tells you the current elevation in either feet or meters.

Find the three buttons on the right edge of the T-Touch. The top button is labeled with a plus sign, the middle button with a "T," and the bottom with a minus sign. Press the "T" button to activate the crystal.

Tap the crystal directly under "Altimeter" near the 2 o'clock location. The hour and minute hands will both point toward "Altimeter" and you will see the digital screen above the 6 o'clock position display the elevation.

Adjust the elevation by pressing the plus and minus buttons on the right side of the watch.

Press the "T" button on the right side of the watch to set the elevation. The hands will return to their clock setting after 30 seconds.