Casio Waveceptor 2735 Instructions

The Casio Waveceptor 2735 watch is a combination analog and digital wrist watch that keeps time via the radio-controlled atomic time signal broadcast from the National Institute of Standards and Technology research station in Fort Collins, Colorado. In addition to incredibly accurate time-keeping, the Casio Waveceptor 2735 also offers convenient alarm and stopwatch features. Learning to use your Casio Waveceptor watch is simple, leaving you more time to enjoy your new timepiece.

Choose the home city for your Casio Waveceptor. Press and hold the top left button until "USA" begins flashing on the display. Press the bottom left button to access the city code setting screen. Use the buttons on the right side of the watch to scroll through your city code options; choose between "LAX," "DEN," "CHI" or "NYC." Press the top left button twice when the city nearest you is displayed to make your selection and exit the setting screen. The watch will automatically adjust to display the correct current time.

Perform a manual receive if your watch has trouble picking up the radio-controlled time signal on its own. Lay the watch on a flat surface near a window that faces Fort Collins, Colorado; orient the watch so that the 12 o'clock position is turned towards the window. Hold down the watch's bottom right button until you hear a beep, then release it. Note that the current time will flash to indicate that the watch is searching for the signal. Press the bottom right button again when the "Last Signal" message is displayed to return to regular time-keeping mode; the watch will now automatically adjust to the correct time.

Set an alarm on your Casio Waveceptor watch. Press the bottom left button twice while the watch is in time-keeping mode to access its alarm mode. The watch is equipped with multiple alarms; press the bottom right button repeatedly until the desired alarm is displayed. Press and hold the top left button to cause the hours digits to flash. Use the buttons on the right side of the watch to adjust the alarm's hours digits to the desired time. Advance the flashing to the minutes digits by pressing the bottom left button. Set the alarm's minutes digits with the right side buttons and press the top left button to activate the alarm. Press any button to silence the alarm when it sounds.

Use the stopwatch feature of your watch to measure elapsed time. Press the bottom right button to start, pause and stop the stopwatch. Clear the stopwatch by pressing the top left button on your Waveceptor.