Casio Illuminator Instructions

casio illuminator watches are rugged, durable sports watches that provide accurate timekeeping as well as useful features such as a daily alarm and stopwatch. The Casio Illuminator's signature feature is a watch face that illuminates with the touch of a button. You can access this very important feature by pressing the bottom right button while the watch is in timekeeping mode. A very user-friendly watch, you can set up your Casio Illuminator and have it back on your wrist in just minutes.

Time and Date

The time and date are your watch's most used functions and the first things you should set on your Casio Illuminator wrist watch. From regular time-telling mode, press and hold the top left button on your Casio Illuminator until the seconds place digits begin flashing to indicate the time setting screen. Press the bottom right bottom once to set the seconds place digits to "0." The bottom left button of your watch can be used to advance the flashing to the hour, minute, day, month and year. Press the bottom right button repeatedly to set the flashing digits to the desired number; hold the button down to scroll through the numbers more quickly. When you are finished setting the time and date on your Casio Illuminator watch, press the top left button to exit the setting screen and return to time-telling mode.

Some Casio Illuminator watch models are ana-digi combos, meaning that, in addition to a digital time display, they also have a traditional watch face that uses seconds, minutes and hour hands to tell time. To set the analog time on a Casio Illuminator ana-digi watch, wait until the seconds hand is in the 12 o'clock position and then pull out the watch crown. Rotate the watch crown clockwise or counterclockwise until the hands are pointing to the desired digits. Push the watch crown all the way back in to finish setting the analog time on your ana-digi Casio Illuminator.

Daily Alarm

Setting a daily alarm on your Casio Illuminator watch can help remind you of something you're supposed to do at the same time each day. To set a daily alarm on your watch, press the bottom left button on your watch until you enter alarm mode. Once in alarm mode, press and hold the top left button until the hours digits begin to flash; you can advance the flashing from hours to minutes by pressing the bottom left button on your Casio Illuminator. Use the bottom right watch button to scroll through to find the desired number. The top left button can be pressed to exit the alarm setting screen. When your daily alarm sounds, press any button on your Casio Illuminator to silence it.


The stopwatch function of your Casio Illuminator can be used to time athletic performances. Measure elapsed time by using the top left watch button to start, pause and stop stopwatch timing. Your Casio Illuminator can also be used to record lap and split time. As when using the stopwatch to measure elapsed time, use the top left button to start and stop the stopwatch. Press the bottom right button to freeze the lap or split time. To completely reset your stopwatch, press the bottom right watch button a second time.