Armitron Chronograph Instructions

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An Armitron chronograph is a digital watch that provides both timekeeping and stopwatch functions. In addition to timekeeping and stopwatch functions, many Armitron chronographs offer features like multiple alarms and a water-resistant construction. Learning to set and use an Armitron chronograph is simple, leaving you more time to enjoy your new timepiece.

Setting the Time and Calendar

Because the time and calendar features are the primary watch functions for most armitron watch wearers, learning how to access and program these features is essential. When setting the time and calendar functions of your watch, the "A" button is used to access the setting mode. The seconds place will begin flashing to indicate that you've entered the setting screen. Use the "B" button to advance the flashing to set the hours, minutes and date. Use the "C" button to increase or decrease number values while setting your Armitron chronograph. When you've finished setting the time and date, press "A" to return to time-telling mode.

Using the Stopwatch Features

The stopwatch features on an Armitron chronograph wrist watch allows you to accurately time your athletic performances. Many Armitron chronographs even have a setting that lets you time laps or split finishes. Press the "B" button to access the stopwatch mode on your chronograph. In chronograph mode, use the "C" button to start and stop timing. Reset the stopwatch with the "A" button. When timing laps or split finishes, press the "A" button once to reveal the split time; press again to reset. To return to time-telling mode, press the "B" button.

Setting the Alarm

Armitron chronographs also offer helpful alarm features which can be used to wake you from sleep or remind you of important appointments. To access the alarm features from time-telling mode, press the "B" button twice. Press the "A" button to enter the alarm-setting screen. Choose between multiple alarms by pressing the "B" button twice and then use the "C" button to make your selection. From there, use the "B" button to advance the flashing and the "C" button to increase and decrease the number values. Once you've programmed the hour and minutes, press the "A" button to set the alarm. Return to time-telling mode by pressing the "B" button. When your alarm sounds, press any button to silence the beep.