Nike Triax Watch Instructions

The Nike Triax series of watches is popular among athletes because of its ability to record and store stopwatch data. It also provides the basic functions of a digital wristwatch. This article will explain how to set the time and date, set and activate the alarm, use the chronograph (stopwatch) feature and view your workout data.

Setting the Time

Use the mode button to select the "Time" setting. Hold the adjust/light button for about five seconds, until you see the numbers begin to flash. You will need to cycle through the following settings, making changes when necessary: seconds, minutes, hours, day of the week, date, month and year. Make adjustments to the time and date by using the start/lap and stop reset buttons. When you have satisfactorily configured each setting, press the adjust/light button to confirm the changes and move on to the next setting. At the end of the adjustment cycle, chose between a twelve-hour clock or a twenty-four-hour display. Upon making this selection, the watch will return to normal operation. Pressing the start/lap while the watch is in Time mode will activate an hourly chime.

Setting the Alarm

Press the mode button until the watch displays "Alrm." Press and hold the light/adjust button for about five seconds, until you see the numbers begin to flash. Adjust the alarm as you adjusted the time using the start/lap and stop/reset buttons to make changes to each setting and the adjust/light button to confirm these changes. Once you have set the alarm to your preference, activate it by pressing the start/lap button. An icon will now appear on the display designating that the alarm is active. To deactivate the alarm at any time, choose alarm mode and press the start/lap button.

Using Chronograph and Data Settings

Select "Cron" using the mode button. Start the chronograph by pressing the start/lap button. To distinguish between sections of your workout, press the start/lap button while the chronograph is running. This will divide the overall time of your workout between the time before you pressed the start/lap button and after. This will not stop the chronograph. To stop the chronograph, press the stop/reset button. To review your data, choose "Data" mode by pressing the mode button. If you want to clear your data, choose "Cron" mode once more, stop the chronograph, press and hold the stop/reset button until the chronograph resets itself.