How to Adjust a G-Shock Watch

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John Howard/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Unless your G-Shock watch features include atomic calibration (in which case, the watch will keep its own time and adjust itself accordingly), setting it can sometimes be confusing and overwhelming. Regardless of model, most G-Shock watches are adjusted and set with a few simple steps.

Adjusting Your Watch

The "Adjust" button is located on the top left of most G-Shock watches. Press it firmly once. You will know you have pressed the button to activate the adjust feature when the seconds displayed on the watch begin to blink.

Cycle through the various fields by pressing the "Mode" button, typically located on the bottom left of the watch. With each press of the "Mode" button, a different field will begin to blink (hours, minutes, seconds, date, etc). When the field you wish to adjust is blinking, press the "Start" button to adjust the value of the field. When you are finished, press "Adjust" again to finish. You will notice that no fields are now blinking, indicating that your watch is no longer in "Setting" mode. Note that it is only possible to adjust the value forward. Therefore, go slowly as you change the settings; as once you pass your desired value, you will have to cycle all the way back through all options before it becomes available again.

Your G-Shock watch has multiple screens, each displaying different features. On each of these screens, the same process of adjustment is applied to change the settings on the watch. Press the "Mode" button until the screen you wish to change is displayed. Then, simply press the "Adjust" button to initiate the setting mode. The first field on the screen will begin to blink. Press "Start" to change the value of the blinking field, or "Mode" to cycle through the fields. When finished, again press "Adjust" to exit the "Setting" mode.