How to Turn the Alarm Off on a G-Shock Watch

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The Casio G-Shock watch is an advanced, solar powered watch that is able to keep time in several time zones at once. The G-Shock is synchronized to the atomic clock in Fort Collins, Colo., when signal strength allows. The G-Shock is able to record two finishing times with its split time stop watch. You can also set alarms for different dates and times. Although setting the alarm is a multi-step process, turning it off is a simple matter of pushing any button on the watch.

Set the date and time of your desired alarm. If you want to set a daily alarm, leave the day and month options blank. To set the alarm, press the Mode button (the lower left button) until the letters "AL" appear on the top left-hand corner of the screen.

Press the A button (upper left) until the hour digits start to blink. Press the lower right button until you reach the desired hour. To set the hour, press the Mode button. The minute digits will then begin to flash; set the minutes in the same way.

Set the month and then the date in the same way. If you want to leave the day or month blank, press the Mode button.

Turn off the alarm when it sounds. The alarm will sound for 20 seconds at the appropriate time. You can turn it off by pressing the Mode button or any other button on the watch.