How to Set Time on a Pulsar Digital Watch

by Paul Dohrman ; Updated September 28, 2017

Setting the time on your Pulsar digital watch may be a little intimidating without the manual, especially if the watch has several buttons that are not labeled. While the exact directions for setting the time varies between models, the general approach is similar enough to get by with one set of instructions. These instructions are for the model with two buttons on the left side and two or three buttons on the right side.

Press the lower-left button on the side of the watch repeatedly to get to the time display.

Hold the upper-left button on the side of the watch for at least two seconds, which should set the seconds digits flashing.

Press the lower-left button repeatedly to cycle through the different fields you can set (seconds, minutes, hours and so on). Once you get to the field that you want to set (i.e. once it is blinking), press either the upper or lower button on the right side of the watch repeatedly to get the setting you want. Pressing the upper button makes the number go up—the lower button, down.

Press the lower-left button again to get to the next field you want to set. Set it the same way as above, pressing either the upper or lower button on the right.

Press the upper left button to stop the blinking and save the setting.


  • The Pulsar Tech Gear has a light for its upper-left button. Instead, you need to pull out the crown on the right-center side of the watch, then turn it counterclockwise, then pull it out again. Then you’ll be able to set the time by using the other buttons. In other words, the crown has three positions, not just two. Pulling it once won’t get it out far enough.

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