How to Operate a Casio Pathfinder Watch

The Casio Pathfinder digital watch is designed to be thick and durable for people who love the outdoors. It comes in several varieties, including the Sea Pathfinder underwater watch. To operate the watch, the first thing you need to do is set the time. After that you can enjoy all of the other features it has to offer, including a compass and a barometer. You will need to use six buttons: two on the left, two on the right and one on the face beneath the time.

Find the buttons you will have to use to set your watch. The top and bottom buttons on the left side will be called A and B for illustration purposes. The top and bottom on the right side will be C and D, respectively. The button under the face will be E. The remaining button, in between C and D, is the button for the light. That’s all it is used for.

Push B to switch the mode your watch is in. It has five basic modes: countdown timer, stopwatch, data recall, alarm and time. Stop when you get to time. You will see the time and date. Push A and watch the face until the numbers after the colon start flashing.

Push B and you will notice that a different item flashes each time you do so. Whatever is flashing is what you can currently set. Press D only to change items with two choices, like the daylight savings option. For the rest, use D for up and C for down. When finished setting everything, push A.

Try the sensor modes, which are compass, altimeter and barometer/thermometer. In time mode, push C, D and E, respectively. Your watch will automatically start taking measurements and give you a reading.

Use the stopwatch. Press B until your watch goes into stopwatch mode. It will have numbers on the face with no colon in between them. Push E to start timing and push it again to stop and again to restart, if needed. To do split timing, push E and then A. Look for “SPL” to appear on the face.

Push A again to release, E to stop the timer and A again check your time. When you are finished timing, whether you are using the split option or not, pushing A will clear any numbers you have saved. Hold down A while the numbers are at zero to change this display to all seconds or all minutes instead of standard. Push D to get it to the setting you want. Then push A to lock it in.