How to Set a Casio EFA 119 Watch

The Casio EFA 119 watch is an analog/digital sports watch with a lot of features, including a back light, digital “hands” and several time zone options. As anyone can probably guess, it may be a little tricky for some people to set. Luckily, the process only uses a few buttons and it is fairly similar to the process needed to set most digital watches. It is just a more lengthy process than some because of all the settings involved.

Look at your watch and you will notice that it has three buttons on the right side of the face and two buttons on the left side of the face. For the sake of this article, refer to the top left button as A, the bottom left button as B, the top right button as C, the middle right button as D and the bottom right button as E. Note that the only thing C does is turn on the back light.

Set the digital time and date. Push B to change the watch’s mode until you see the display that contains the time and date for your current time zone. This is timekeeping mode. Push A and hold it. Let go when you see the seconds flashing. Push E to put the seconds back at zero.

Push B to move to the next item you need to set. The remaining time and date options are looped in the following order: daylight-saving time (DST), hours, minutes, military/standard time, year, month, day. For the DST and military/standard time settings, push E to switch between the two options available. For items with more than two options, push E to move up and D to move down. Press A when you are finished to exit setting mode.

Set the analog clock. Push B as needed to get back to timekeeping mode. Once you’re there, push B quickly six times in a row. This will take you to hand-setting mode. Push A, not letting go until the seconds flash, like before. Push E to move the digital hands. Hold it down to move them more quickly. Push A once when you’re done.