How to Reset a Casio WR50M

by Andrew McClain ; Updated September 28, 2017

Watches have grown increasingly complicated over the years. You no longer even need to set some watches, as some Casio model watches can pull the date and time from radio waves. Some of these models include the Casio WR50 watches, which are a product family of several digital water-resistant watches. Even though the watch might be able to set itself, you may need to reset it yourself. Once you figure out which button you need to push to get the watch to the proper place, you can reset it with little difficulty.

Step 1

Press the bottom left button to set the watch in Timekeeping mode.

Step 2

Press and hold the top left button until the city code, below the time, starts flashing. Press the top and bottom right buttons to change the city code to your city.

Step 3

Press the bottom left button repeatedly until you get to the hour part of the time. Press the top right button to advance the hours. Press the bottom right button to make the number smaller.

Step 4

Press the bottom left button once more to get to the date. Press the top right button to advance the date. Press the bottom right button to bring the date backwards.

Step 5

Press the top left button when you finish resetting the time and date. This will exit the Set Date & Time Mode.

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