How to Set the Alarm on The Timex Ironman

by Ian Sandusky ; Updated September 28, 2017

The technology has improved, but alarms remain an integral part of timekeeping devices.

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Setting the alarm on the Timex Ironman Series is very similar to preforming the same task on other Timex watches. The Timex Ironman features the ability to set up to three separate alarms.

Open the alarm menu by pressing the "MODE" button until you see "ALRM 1."

Enter the setting menu by holding the "SET" button until the current time on the alarm menu flashes.

Press the "START" button until the desired hour value is satisfied to your desired time.

Press the "MODE" button again, and repeat the above step to set the minutes to the desired time.

Press the "SET" button once more to solidify and engage the alarm. The alarm will now activate at the set time.


  • Use the "MODE" key to cycle through to "ALRM 2" and "ALRM 3" to set the additional available alarm functions.

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