How to Change the Time Zone on a Citizen Skyhawk

by Michelle Varsallona ; Updated September 28, 2017

Change your Citizen Skyhawk watch's time zone without actually moving the clock hands. On the digital display, change the city that displays on the watch, which sets the time to the different time zone. The Citizen Skyhawk also has a calendar, timer, chronograph and LED lights. Since it is an Eco Drive watch, it is solar powered so you never have to replace the batteries unless its backup power source dies.

Pull the setting knob (crown) out one “tick” for setting mode.

Set the mode hand to “WT-S.”

Pull the crown out one more “tick.”

Press the top button on the right side of the watch for the city setting mode.

Press the lower button on the right side to “SET” the city.

Turn the crown to select a different city, which changes the time zone.

Push the crown all the way back in to finish setting the time.

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