Instructions for Setting a Timex 8 Lap Memory Watch

Timex manufactures two types of 8 lap memory watches: one with a digital face and one with a digital and analog face. The button setup and setting procedure for both watch types is the same, while the digital and analog face 8 lap watch also has a crown for setting the analog timepiece. Learn how to set the time on your Timex 8 lap memory watch to ensure you'll always know the correct time.

Digital Watch

Press and hold the "Set" button on the right side of the watch face until the seconds digits blink. Reset the seconds digits to "00" by pressing the "Split/Reset" button, located under the watch face.

Push "Mode" to choose the hours digits and press the "Split/Reset" button until the correct hour is set. Note that "AM" or "PM" will appear on the watch face next to the time. The "Mode" button is located on the left side of the watch face.

Press "Mode" to access the minutes digits and press the "Split/Reset" button to advance until you reach the correct minutes.

Exit the setting mode by pressing the "Set" button.

Analog Watch

Pull the crown on the right side of the watch face outward. The crown is the small, notched handle located between the "Indiglo" and "Set" buttons.

Rotate the crown forward to move the minute and hour watch hands. Continue spinning the crown until the correct hour and minute is displayed.

Press in on the crown to return it to its original position.