Instructions for a Fossil Adjust-O-Matic

The Fossil Adjust-O-Matic is powered by the movement of your wrist. According to Fossil, the watch can run for 38 hours on reserve power gained only from the movements of your wrist that occur during a normal day. The watch also comes equipped with day-of-the-week and date functions. Setting those -- as well as the time -- is an easy process.

Grasp the crown on the watch and rotate it clockwise 15 to 20 times. The crown is the small piece that sticks out on the side of the face.

Pull the crown out all the way and rotate it clockwise to move the watch hands. Once the time is correctly set, push the crown back into place.

Press the button on the bottom of the face on the same side as the crown. Each time you press the button, the date portion of the watch face will move forward one number. Stop pushing the button once you have reached the correct date.

Press the other button on the bottom of the watch face to set the day of the week. Each time you push the button, the day will advance once. Stop pushing once you have reached the correct day.