How to Set the Date on a Coleman Watch

by Nicole Fotheringham

Coleman is a company best known for its wide range of camping and outdoor equipment. Coleman also makes a watch geared toward lovers of the outdoors. The watch has a fabric sports strap with an attached compass, and is waterproof to a depth of 50 meters. The watch also features a dual alarm, a countdown timer, day and night glow, and day date. You can set the date on your Coleman Nightsight digital watch in no time at all.

Step 1

Press the mode button (on the bottom left-hand side as you're looking at the watch) until you reach the timekeeping mode.

Step 2

Press the top-left button until the seconds flash. You can set the seconds by pressing the top-right button until the correct seconds are displayed. Press the bottom-left button to move to the hours's digits. Set the hours in the same way. Press the bottom-left button until you reach the date digits.

Step 3

Set the year first by pressing the top-right button until the correct year is displayed. Hold down the top-right button to expedite the process. When the correct year is displayed, press the bottom-left button to move onto the month.

Step 4

Press the top-right button until the month is correctly displayed. Hold the button down to move through the months quickly. When the correct month is displayed, press the bottom-left button to set the date.

Step 5

Press the top-right button to cycle through the dates until the correct date is displayed. Press the top-left button when you are satisfied with the date setting. The day of the week will automatically correct itself to match your date setting.


  • Never remove the back cover of the watch. Avoid pressing buttons when the watch is underwater. Don't use the watch near a static charge or strong magnetic field.

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