How to Set a Seiko Watch

by Jodi Freedman ; Updated September 28, 2017

Seiko watches have been around and ticking since the late 1800's. Regardless of which of the four types of Seiko watches one owns (quarts, mechanical, kinetic or spring drive) and how many other features it has, setting the watch can be done by following this basic procedure.

Gently pull out the largest knob on the side of the watch, the crown, until it clicks two times.

In this position, turn the crown until the watch hands are set to the correct hour and minute. Make sure that AM/PM is also correctly set or the date will change.

When the hands are at the correct time, push the crown down all the way in to start the watch.


  • If the watch has a minute hand, move it four to five minutes ahead of the desired time and then turn it back to the exact minute.

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