How to Manually Wind a Tag Heuer Carrera Watch

Luxury watchmaker Tag Heuer produces the Carrera as part of its men's line. Introduced in 1964, this watch is designed to be self-powered and hand-wound to keep the mechanisms going. Normal wrist movement powers the tiny gyroscopes within the watch, keeping it ticking. If you have a Carrera where the movement has stopped completely, don't fret as the watch is made to be powered back up using the crown.

Grip the center crown -- the small dials on the right hand side of the watch -- and turn it clockwise 10 to 15 times.

Look at the Carrera face and check that the second hand is now moving.

Pull the center crown out as far as it will go and turn it clockwise to the proper time. Chances are good that the watch is no longer on the correct time since the movement has stopped. Once the time is set, push the crown all the way in.

Pull the center crown out one click. This prepares the Carrera to have the date set. Turn the crown clockwise and watch the date numbers spin. Stop when the Carrera's date number is on the proper setting for the current day.