How to set the Alarm on Your Pulsar Cronograph Watch

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Pulsar Chronographs are considered a good value chronograph watch, manufactured by the Seiko Corporation of Japan. Pulsar Chronographs are water resistant, and typically come in a metal finish with a matching metal band. In addition to the normal chronograph functions, which include multi-dial date and timer functions and split/stopwatch functions, some Pulsar Chronographs are equipped with a daily alarm function, which can be set by the user with special function buttons on the watch casing. The alarm will ring at the set time within the next 12 hours.

Unscrew the crown (the main knob on the center right side of the watch casing), wait until the second hand is at the 12 o'clock position, and pull the crown knob up so that it clicks once.

Press the button below the crown knob repeatedly until the hands of the alarm dial point to the time within the next 12 hours that you want the alarm to ring. Pressing the button once will move the alarm one minute forward. Pressing and holding the button will move the alarm forward quickly.

Pull the crown knob one click further out and turn to adjust the main hands to the correct time, to take into account the time you took to set the alarm.

Push the crown knob two clicks back into its normal position, and screw it into place until it locks.